Rap (original "Rhythm And Poetry") is one of the pillars of Hip Hop culture. It is a song with lyrics, often in rhymes, improvised or not, chanted on a rhythm very hammered by the percussions. Rap is born, like most Hip Hop disciplines, in the 70s, inspired by the Protestant speeches of the Black Panthers (Movement against segregation in the United States). At that time, Rap can replace physical violence of the streets by the virtual violence of words. However, Rap mainly developed in the 80s, with the emergence of MCs (Master of Ceremony), who put their lyrics on the tracks of DJs.

Young DK #Rap @Foyer Martin Luther King

LaMont Ricketts & Retro P & Gerard Hall #Rap @Le Midem de Cannes

BauBô & Scratchy #Rap #BeatBox @La Halle Papin

Toutânkhamon #RAP @La Centrifugeuz

Best of Campulsations #Scratch #Rap #Mix @Université de Bordeaux Montaigne

Almanac #RAP @La Centrifugeuz

PARIZL #RAP @La Centrifugeuz

Best of Foyer Martin Luther King #SCRATCH #Beatbox #Rap

Eazy Bac #RAP @La Centrifugeuz

BauBô & River' #Rap #Beatbox @ Let's go to the Jam Session Beatbox !