Hip Hop dance brings together several styles of "street dance" such as breaking,
locking, and popping. Born in the 70s in the Bronx, US, the Hip Hop dance show that there is another way to express that through violence, including through artistic competitions. Since then, these dances crossed the ocean and invited each other to Europe. Hip Hop dance is divided into two categories, "top dance" and "breakdance" (acrobatic dance, with many ground movements).

Mamson #Danse @Festival Fraîcheur, Torcy

Arrow @Caen - Inauguration Tram #DANSE

Fabbreezy #Danse @Festival Fraicheur, Torcy

BBoy Jnoon @Caen - Inauguration Tram #DANSE

BBoy King Tan @Caen - Inauguration Tram #DANSE

Laurine Ristroph @Caen - Inauguration Tram #DANSE Classique

Danny Dann - Judge Demo #Danse @Festival Fraîcheur, Torcy

Carole Monge @Caen - Inauguration Tram #DANSE Classique

In£sT£aM BboYZ @Caen - Inauguration Tram #DANSE

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Carole Monge & Laurine Ristroph @Caen - Inauguration Tram #DANSE Classique